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Working for a Budget to Stimulate Long-Term Economic Growth

Feb 4, 2008
Press Release

Washington D.C. – Today, Congress received the President’s 2008 budget blueprint that lays out fiscal priorities for this year and the next five years. In response to the budget submission, Congressman McCarthy made the following statement as Congress begins to discuss this year’s budget:

“The President’s budget blueprint is an opportunity for House Republicans and Democrats to work together to find long-term solutions. In passing short-term tax relief to families and businesses last week, House Democrats and Republicans demonstrated an ability to put aside partisanship. We now have the responsibility to continue that discussion by not only addressing our nation’s short-term needs, but also working towards a fiscal foundation of long-term economic success.

“An economy where our workers, families, and businesses succeed is an economy where we prosper. We can continue to create jobs by making small business tax incentives permanent. We can continue to give our families relief in the face of rising gas, health insurance, and grocery bills by extending the child and marriage penalty tax relief. We can continue to give workers an incentive to work hard through the reward of keeping more of their paychecks by keeping income taxes low.  The President’s budget is by no means a perfect blueprint. But making tax relief permanent is a long-term solution to power America’s economic engine.

“This upcoming budget debate is an opportunity to show the American people that Congress is working for them. I look forward to working with my colleagues to address our long-term budget challenges of balancing the budget and keeping taxes low.”