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Statement from Congressman McCarthy Regarding Today’s Majority Leader Election

Jun 19, 2014
Press Release

“Growing up in our community, I’ve learned many important life lessons. I’ve learned the value of hard work and that you should always be the first in the room and the last to leave and that no matter what, decisions will be made with or without you, so you should always have a seat at the table.

“That lesson rings even more true as your Representative. I am humbled to have this new opportunity at the leadership table to ensure that our commonsense values are represented in Washington and to make D.C. listen and respond to the priorities of Californians. Fighting for our area, I have continued to advance legislation and solutions that directly deal with our area’s pressing issues, from bringing more water to our valley by reversing harmful government policies that are exacerbating the worst drought in a century to stopping any more Federal money from being directed to high-speed rail to ensuring the Central Valley remains a leading energy producer in the nation. Over the past few years, I have also worked to provide regulatory relief to our growing aerospace industry and have advocated for the development of a vaccine and cure for Valley Fever. I will continue to highlight the important cutting-edge research and development that takes place by our proud men and women serving at our military installations at Edwards and China Lake, and after years of investigations and legislation, I will not rest until we fundamentally reform the broken VA system that has failed to care for those who have fought so valiantly for our country.

“I have lived my entire life right here in our community.  It is where I met my wife, raised our children, all in the first house we ever bought, and it is where I learned my conservative values.  It is with great pride and humility that I have been entrusted to serve on your behalf every day. I believe strongly in our country’s ability to overcome any challenge, and I will continue to work in Congress fighting for solutions to help our neighbors and our communities.”