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Statement from Congressman McCarthy on Today's Stimulus Vote

Feb 13, 2009
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman McCarthy voted against the $1.1 trillion tax and spending bill, and issued the following statement supporting a solution that created twice as many jobs at half the cost:

“American middle class families and small businesses are struggling. The downturn in this economy has made it more difficult for small businesses to pay their bills. Jobs are harder to find. That is why action is needed to jumpstart our economy. But the spending bill that passed the House today was the wrong solution for America.

“When the President first invited Republicans to share their ideas with him on how to stimulate our economy, my colleagues and I reached out and sought input from all Americans. We designed a bold solution to revitalize our economy. Our solution would have created an estimated 6.2 million jobs, which is twice as many jobs at half the cost of the bill that we voted on today.

“The President was sincere when he said he wanted bipartisan input and cooperation to stimulate our economy. Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid crafted their $1.1 trillion spending bill behind closed doors without bipartisan input. This bill also lacked transparency. To ensure all Americans could find out what we all were going to be forced to pay for later, why wasn’t this bill posted online for the public to view 48 hours in advance of it being voted on, like President Obama campaigned for?

“Instead of focusing on creating jobs, the bill unfortunately seems to focus on creating more spending for Washington programs. An example is $300 million for the federal government to purchase “green” golf carts. We could have done better. We could have put people before politics. Instead of passing more debt to our children, we could have agreed on solutions that created jobs that last. We will continue to reach out to our Democratic colleagues to work for common-sense solutions to fix America’s pressing problems.”

The House Democratic economic stimulus bill passed by a vote of 246-183. The bill totals over $787 billion in new tax and spending programs. Because the spending for this bill would have to come from borrowed money, the total estimated cost of this bill, with interest from the borrowing, is over $1.1 trillion.