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Statement from Congressman McCarthy after Economic Stimulus Vote

Jan 29, 2009
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Kevin McCarthy voted in favor of an economic stimulus solution that is estimated to create 6.2 million jobs, and opposed the Democrat Leadership’s $1.1 trillion economic plan that passed the House of Representatives. Following the vote, Congressman McCarthy issued the following statement:

“Yesterday, the President reached out and extended a hand of partnership to address our economic challenges. Instead of closing the door on cooperation, he opened it when he said he would consider all parties’ economic stimulus ideas. This approach is needed because first and foremost we are not Republicans and Democrats, we are Americans. Unfortunately, the Democrat Leadership did not seek bipartisan input for the bill that passed the House today. But we still have an opportunity to improve it.

“We see a sick economy that is cutting more jobs and the savings of Middle Class Americans. I voted against the $1.1 trillion bill that passed the House of Representatives today because it was not the best option to stimulate our economy. Instead of merely opposing the bill, I also was part of the economic stimulus working group that proposed an alternative solution. This proposal costs half as much and creates twice as many jobs as the $1.1 trillion bill that passed today, according to an economic model used by one of President Obama’s advisors.  This alternative solution is estimated to create 6.2 million new American jobs over the next 2 years through middle class and small business fast-acting tax relief. Seventy percent of all American jobs are created by small business. That is why our plan ensures that small businesses have the capabilities and incentives to help heal our economy. I urge my colleagues to consider these common-sense ideas as we continue to work to revive our economy and create jobs that last.”