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Rep. Kevin McCarthy Recognizes Local Hero Blaine Hodge

Apr 24, 2019
Press Release

Yesterday, Rep. Kevin McCarthy presented Blaine Hodge, a local hero, with the 2019 Citizen Honors Award from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. In September of 2018, Blaine heroically jumped in to save a woman who was being chased by a machete-wielding attacker. 

When Blaine was having a meeting at a local Starbucks, a woman ran into the store in a clear panic, screaming for help. She ran behind the counter. Her boyfriend immediately followed, chasing her with an 18-inch-long machete and threatening to kill her. She feared for her life.
That’s when Blaine stepped in. He ran behind the counter, throwing the violent aggressor — who was mid-attack — off of the woman. The man then turned his attention to Blaine and began stabbing and hitting him with his machete. In the scuffle, Blaine sustained severe injuries to his forearm, thigh, and chest. Thankfully, both Blaine and the woman survived their wounds, and Blaine has made a near-full recovery in just seven months. 


Blaine wears his 2019 Citizen Honors Award from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

"Fight or flight - we all question what we would do in a frightening situation. But we all wouldn't wonder what Blaine would do,"  said McCarthy. "He acted swiftly and bravely, two qualities that no doubt helped to save the survivor and all of those in the immediate area that day.” 
McCarthy also directed to have a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol in Blaine's honor. 
“What I find most impressive about Blaine is his great attitude throughout this whole ordeal - his positivity is infectious. I hope that we never find ourselves in a similar circumstance, but if we do, may we all fight as valiantly as Blaine Hodge, a true hero,” stated McCarthy.


Blaine explains how events unfolded that fateful day with Rep. McCarthy.