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PRO Union Bosses Act was even too liberal for California

Mar 9, 2021
Press Release



Since being sworn into office, President Biden has made his intentions of shaping U.S national policies in the likeness of Democrat-controlled California very clear, policies that have made life exceedingly difficult for citizens over the last year.

Despite the obstacles that these liberal Sacramento bureaucrats have presented, Californians have continuously proven that they are capable of overcoming and adapting to challenges. Over the last year, entrepreneurs have fought to keep their businesses afloat during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic despite the Governor’s everchanging guidelines and shifting goalposts. Parents and kids have made their voices heard, imploring the State government to safely reopen schools. And, independent contractors, many of them parents, have kept their families safe and well-nourished through flexible work that’s allowed them to meet the demands of being a fulltime teacher, counselor, and coach while schools have remained closed.

Sadly, it is this last group of Americans, independent contractors, who are the latest victims of Democrats’ terrible policies.  

That brings us to today’s bill – really the “PRO Union Bosses Act. This is legislation that would codify AB 5’s job-killing “ABC” Test, which would determine employee status in every state and would inevitably cause devastating layoffs and job loss. Rather than learning from AB 5’s suffocating overreach, which forced lawmakers to make dozens of exemptions spurred by the justified outrage of Californians across industries, Washington Democrats have moved to make AB 5 federal law. 

The “ABC” Test, the cornerstone of the PRO Union Bosses Act, spectacularly failed at the ballot box in California last November when Californians supported Prop 22 and, ultimately, protected freedom for gig workers who choose to work as app-based drivers. So if President Biden and House Democrats really want to use California as a framework for America, they need to remember: even in one of the most unionized and liberal states in the nation, voters knew that AB 5 went too far.

It's clear that this disastrous policy should never be a model for any other American city, state, or the federal government.

Unlike House Democrats who have found yet another way to infringe on the independence of Americans while endangering 57 million jobs though this bill, House Republicans believe in common sense protections and flexibility for all workers, not giveaways to politically powerful special interests.