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Pelosi's Stalling Will Hurt Americans – That's Wrong

Oct 9, 2020
Press Release

Yesterday, Congressman Kevin McCarthy joined KGET's Jim Scott and Tami Mlcoch to discuss the Vice Presidential debate, COVID-19, and Congress's ability to deliver a critical relief package that Americans need and deserve.

Highlights of the interview are below:



When asked, “Can we expect Congress to approve a new round of stimulus checks for Americans in the next 26 days?” McCarthy responded:
“As long as Nancy Pelosi is in charge of this, the answer is no.
“Remember, we’ve done four separate COVID relief bills – I have been an integral part of all of them. Every time we’ve done this there’s been one common denominator that’s slowed the process down – Speaker Pelosi.
“She held up the CARES Act when she came back because she wanted more money for the arts. Then when the PPP program, that kept small businesses afloat, that the money went to employees, remember in front of that refrigerator [on a late night show]
 – [she said] she was stopping it, because she wanted more money.
“Do you realize that there’s $137 billion dollars sitting there right now [for PPP] – we wouldn’t even have to appropriate more. More than three times I have brought [legislation] to the floor letting that money go, and they voted against it…
“She believes that if she holds this up, the economy will be in a worse position, and she’s correct about that. Americans will be hurt…that is wrong.”

You can watch the interview in its entirety here.