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McCarthy Remarks at GOP Leadership Stakeout

Mar 9, 2011
Press Release

?Washington D.C. – Congressman Kevin McCarthy discussed the latest on the Republican Continuing Resolution in the Senate today, and the need to cut spending in order to grow the economy at the House Republican Leadership Press Conference earlier today. The video and transcript are below:



"As you listen to Leader Cantor asking where the President is, he's not the only one asking. If you go over to the Senate side, you don't have to go to the Republican side, you can go to the Democrat side to Senator Manchin. Asking just yesterday, 'Where's the leadership from the President?'

"Republicans believe that if we end uncertainty, we cut government spending and we grow this economy, it will lead to a more prosperous America. We believe we have to be truthful to the American public, and that's exactly what we're doing. That's why we passed H.R. 1 in a very open process where Republicans and Democrats alike had an open and honest debate, no budget gimmick, no accounting tricks.

"Democrats ignored the process, so we brought it to two weeks, so we could continue to focus on H.R. 1. Do you realize more Democrats voted with us than voted against us. Their own leadership split, with Pelosi voting 'no' and Steny voting 'yes', Clyburn voting 'no', and Larson voting 'yes'. Then you listen to the Senate on the other side, I watched the Sunday show, I watched as Durbin said 'you could not go further,' in a month when we hit an all time record in February for the deficit. But McCaskill and Manchin disagree. I think you give it to the American public, they understand the right way to do it – You need to cut government spending, you need to grow the economy, and that's what the Republicans continue to do in Congress."