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McCarthy: New Health Care Bill Worse than H.R. 3200

Oct 29, 2009
Press Release

Washington D.C. – Today, after weeks of closed door meetings, House Democratic leaders introduced a new 1,990 page bill (H.R. 3962), to replace H.R. 3200.  The new Pelosi health care bill is the longest of all the health care bills that have been introduced in Congress.   

Congressman Kevin McCarthy issued the following statement:

“We all can agree that we need to fix America’s health care system to bring down burdening costs that are hurting our economy, families, and businesses.  But this bill - version 2.0 of H.R. 3200 - is not it. The Pelosi health care bill makes worse the same stale approach that Americans stood up against all summer, including at two town halls in our communities. I heard from 5,000 residents during those two town halls, and communicated with thousands more during tele-town halls, and a vast majority agree that a government takeover of our health care is not the answer.   We can do a better job and should start over with better ideas that work and protect small businesses, the job-creating driver in our economy. We can pursue solutions that ensure that the government does not hinder the doctor/patient relationship and does not continue to run up record spending at a time of record debt that is a drag on our children and their children’s future. I believe that we should pass solutions that support access to affordable health coverage even if someone loses their job, does not deny access to coverage based on preexisting conditions, allow Americans to purchase health insurance across state lines, and support real medical liability reform, which some predict could save over $200 billion per year in defensive medical costs.”

Some of the provisions within H.R. 3962:

• Raises taxes on middle class families
• Makes significant cuts to Medicare
• Taxes small businesses that have 17 or more employees
• Taxes current insurance policies that will be passed on to patients in higher premiums
• Penalizes states like California for having medical malpractice reform laws on the books
• States may have to be left paying for unfunded mandates as more Americans go on the government plan by expanding Medicaid eligibility (a federal-state partnership)


House Democratic bill ceremony closed to public (Washington Times, October 29, 2009)
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