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McCarthy Joins Elex Michaelson on The Issue Is

Apr 25, 2020
Press Release

Congressman Kevin McCarthy joined The Issue Is: with Elex Michaelson to discuss the fourth coronavirus relief package, President Trump's relationship with Governor Newsom, and the role China has played in this global coronavirus pandemic.

Highlights of his interview are below or you can watch it in its entirety here.

The Issue Is

"Remember, we have passed almost $2.8 trillion that are going into the economy. Compounding that with what the fed is doing, there's about $7 trillion going into the economy. The most important thing: make sure it's working. When you look at sate governments, we have provided $500 billion. Now [to] put that in perspective - we did that in one month. We spent roughly a little more than $600 billion in an entire year in medicare...

"This COVID-19 virus does not attack one party or the other. It's attacked our entire world. And what I like to see is how the President is acting with our Governor, and how our Governor is interacting with our President. What I don't like to see is people criticizing either one of them from a philosophical basis because they are upset that they are working together....

"China was deceptive to the rest of the world. China influenced the World Health Organization to lie about it. China allowed 5 million people from Wuhan to go and fly throughout the world and infect all of us...The one thing all of America should wake up to is, we should never allow China to control any supply chain again..."