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McCarthy: GOP Budget Marks America's Comeback

Apr 15, 2011
Press Release

Washington D.C. – Congressman Kevin McCarthy gave the following remarks on the floor of the House of Representatives in support of the House Republican Budget:

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Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

I want to first start by thanking the Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Ryan, and the entire Budget staff and members on the House side. I'd also like to thank the Democrat Members on the Budget Committee as well.

What we are taking up today is the point of where this country goes. Because this debate has taken on for quite some time,  there is probably not one person that has not watched the news and watched the clock of our debt of $14 trillion.

I want you all to imagine for one moment, just imagine for one moment what the future of this country would hold in the dream if that clock was zero. What could we invest in? What could we build and what would our children become? But because that clock does not say zero and that clock continues to climb in the wrong direction, that's why we are here today.

But it is a good day because today is the day that we turn that clock back around.

We have a plan and a path to prosperity that will create jobs, even those on the outside that looked at it, said there will be more than one million jobs. A plan that will make us energy independent, but also a plan that does something that the rest of America had to do – tighten our belts.

So, today when we come and we have to put our cards in the voting card, I want you to think of one thing, today could be the day that we create the great American comeback,  or it could be the day where America goes to the long fade into history.

But the floor is made of up a microcosm of a America, and America knows we have to control this situation we're in. So, today a yes vote is for jobs, energy independence and a new path to prosperity. I yield back.