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McCarthy Calls for Up or Down Vote on Turning on the Pumps

Dec 2, 2009
Press Release

Washington D.C. - Today, the California State Water Project announced that its allocation for 2010 would be the lowest allocation of water in history.  Congressman McCarthy and several of his California colleagues signed a discharge petition for The Turn on the Pumps Act (H.R. 3105), of which he is a cosponsor, and McCarthy and colleagues are urging other members of Congress to join them to bring this legislation to the floor.  This legislation would waive the regulatory burdens that restrict Delta water pumping, which would help restore California water flow.  A discharge petition requires 218 signatures and would allow for a straight up or down vote to override Democratic Congressional leadership scheduling barriers.

McCarthy issued the following statement:

“Our communities and local job creators urgently need water to help our local economy. We have been waiting too long and experienced too much hardship. Enough is enough. Now is the time for this Congress to take real bipartisan action to solve the San Joaquin Valley’s man-made drought.  That is why I will continue to work with my colleagues to help finally pass this common sense solution to bring relief to our communities. This bill deserves an up or down vote.”


McCarthy has continued to work to raise awareness of our local crisis and advocate for common-sense relief measures.  Congressman McCarthy has also cosponsored the following bills to help alleviate the man-made water crisis in the San Joaquin Valley:

• H.R. 856, (California Drought Alleviation Act of 2009) which would increase water deliveries to the Central Valley and Southern California urban and agriculture users by waiving regulations regarding the smelt fish at Delta pumps during times of drought. 

• H.R. 996, which would increase water deliveries by temporarily exempting the operations of any water supply or flood control project from ESA when the Governor declares an emergency.

• H.R. 2977, would authorize a National Academy of Sciences study on all the stressors in the Delta affecting the species in it; the study would also review the science used in conducting the Biological Opinion on operations of the pumps in the Delta (the result of which is reduced water deliveries).