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McCarthy: American Families Live on Budgets, Why Can't Washington?

Jun 22, 2010
Press Release

Washington D.C. - Today, Congressman Kevin McCarthy issued the following statement after Speaker Pelosi and the House Democratic leaders announced that they would not be offering a budget for the Federal government this year. The House has never failed to pass a budget resolution since the current budget rules were put into place in 1974.

"In order to make ends meet and plan ahead, hardworking American families and small businesses budget to manage their finances. Why can't Washington? Americans are cutting back and being more careful on how they spend their money, so why can't Congressional Democrats follow their lead?

"We need to create jobs and grow our economy, and this decision to not pass a budget to govern our nation's spending is just another example of arrogant, out-of-touch Congressional Democrats who refuse to stop out-of-control spending, piling on to already record-breaking deficits that are bankrupting our country. More than a trillion dollars was spent on the so-called 'stimulus' that was supposed to create jobs, and yet national unemployment remains above 9 percent and California is above 12 percent.

"How can the American people have confidence in government if the Congressional majority refuses to pass a budget? It's like going on a road trip but never looking at a map. Americans deserve better and our children deserve better."


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