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McCarthy, 3,000 Bakersfield Strong, Welcome President Trump

Feb 19, 2020
Press Release

Today, Congressman Kevin McCarthy and over 3,000 Bakersfield residents and farmers, welcomed President Donald J. Trump to Bakersfield, California. President Trump signed a vital memorandum to continue to improve access to water for California’s farmers, ranchers, agricultural producers, and rural communities in the Central Valley and across California.
Highlights from both McCarthy’s and President Trump's speeches are below, or you can watch them here and here.

Highlights from McCarthy’s remarks:


“What an amazing crowd for a 24-hour notice, huh? We want to make sure that our president understands that not all of California is alike.
Isn’t it great to have a president who understands farming is not easy? And isn’t it great to have a president who keeps his promises?
"This president has kept so many promises, he likes to tell me he’s kept more than he’s even made.
"You know, we’ve been traveling quite a bit, with every obstacle they try to put against him, no one has been as successful as President Trump.

“When I look across this audience, I see all sorts of faces, all sorts of colors of skin – and you know what, we’re all one American. And we have never been stronger, because this president puts America first. And we know that this country was built with farmers. And we know we need security in our food. And we know we need a Washington that works for us, not the other way around.
“So join me in giving the biggest welcome we can to the individual who has brought America back and is going to Keep America Great, our President Donald J. Trump.”


Highlights from President Trump’s remarks:



I want to thank Kevin and [say] hello to Bakersfield. I’ve heard a lot about Bakersfield…[I’m] thrilled to be here today as we take historic action on behalf of our incredible farmers, ranchers, growers, and communities throughout the Central Valley and all across the great state of California.
“After decades of failures and delays in ensuring critical water access for the people of the state, we are determined to finally get your problem solved.
"For too long authorities have needlessly flushed millions and millions of gallons of fresh, beautiful, clean water from up north straight into the Pacific Ocean…on the basis of old science, obsolete studies, and overbearing regulations that had not been updated in many, many years, and sometimes for decades. The resulting miscalculation and misallocation of water helped turn natural droughts into man-made catastrophes.

“In 2018, I ordered the administration to update the outdated scientific research and biological opinions that help to determine water allocation right here in the state of California…Today I’m pleased to announce that this update is complete. We’ve done the full complete update on water and water allocations, a major obstacle to provide more water for the region’s farmers, has been totally eliminated by the federal government.

"Going forward we will use the latest science and most advanced technology to monitor and adjust water distribution in real time, ensuring that the environment remains protected while directing as much water as possible, which will be a magnificent amount, a massive amount of water, for the use of California farmers and ranchers in all of these communities that are suffering from a lack of water.

"That’s why I’m here today and why I will always keep fighting for the American farmer and rancher — the people in this room — and were going to fight for you and we’re going to win and we’re going to get you your water.”