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ICYMI: Congressman Kevin McCarthy on Fox News' "America's Newsroom"

Sep 13, 2011
Press Release

Washington D.C. – Congressman Kevin McCarthy appeared on Fox News' "America's Newsroom" with host Bill Hemmer to discuss the President's latest jobs plan earlier this morning:

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On The President's Proposed Tax Increases:

"We will look at this plan. I do like the idea of the Free Trade Agreements in the plan, but three quarters of this is just the failed part of the stimulus he offered before. And then to go through and offer tax increases in this economy when in 2009 the President said not to raise taxes in a tough economy, I just don't see where that creates any jobs."

On Finding Common Ground With The President:

"Well, I think the Free Trade Agreements have common ground. We will look at any transportation project that is actually a real project that environmental rules do not hold it up. We actually want to focus on small business, because small business is where jobs are created, an entrepreneur never takes a job from anybody, they actually create jobs. We've got 11 small business and energy policy bills that have passed the House that are sitting in the Senate. We ask the President, take those up. They are scored more than hundreds of thousands of jobs that would be created.

"We will sit down with the President, focus on small business where jobs are created, unshackle what holds us back from regulation and we will continue to pass bills out of the House and ask the Senate to take them up. We will talk to the President any moment he wants to about job creation, not more government spending."

On The Lessons Learned From The Failed Stimulus:

"Look, Republicans want to put people before politics. We've produced bills based upon policy, we produced 11 that are sitting in the Senate. This President is going back to the failed stimulus. He said that unemployment would never go above 8 percent. It has. And what has he done again? To go back to the same borrow more money, tax more on the small business, thinking he's going to get a different outcome. He will not get a different outcome.

"[The stimulus] Is a Keynesian view that failed. It cost us more than a trillion dollars. Small business is what creates jobs. If you measure from the end of the last recession, beginning of this recession, 2001-2007, it's the companies with 500 employees or fewer that added 7 million jobs. Companies with 500 employees or more outsourced a million jobs. We need to focus on entrepreneurship, empower entrepreneurs, not more government."