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House Extends Payroll Tax Relief for American Families

Dec 23, 2011
Press Release

Washington D.C. – Congressman Kevin McCarthy released the following statement regarding House extension of payroll tax relief:

"Two weeks ago, the U.S. House passed bipartisan legislation to provide $1,000 in tax relief for the average American family and immediately create tens of thousands of good-paying American jobs. Unfortunately, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Washington Democrats decided to play politics with people's paychecks and refused to negotiate a year-long tax cut, instead insisting on a two month patch that will require Washington to decide again in February whether or not hard-working families get to keep more of their paychecks every month. This is unacceptable. Americans deserve to know that their government is capable of doing something more than the least that can be accomplished.

"Today, the House passed legislation that will ensure that taxes do not go up and will force Democrats to negotiate a responsible long-term solution. While I am gratified that the current legislative impasse has ended, I urge President Obama and Senate Democrats to put aside election year politics and join House Republicans to provide American families with long-term tax relief and to create new American jobs."