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Democrats Are Crushing the Gig Economy

Aug 19, 2020
Press Release

Today, Congressman Kevin McCarthy joined Joe Getty and Jack Armstrong on Armstrong and Getty to discuss how California's AB 5 is destroying the gig economy and encouraging companies to move their businesses out of the Golden State.

Highlights of the interview are below or you can watch it here:


"AB 5 [is] going to be terrible for business people [visiting the state], but you know who it's going to be worse for? Those Californians who that's their job and will no longer have a job. It is the new gig economy that allows somebody to determine when they want to work. Maybe their refrigerator breaks so they go drive for Uber to pay for a new refrigerator. Or maybe they have a little time off and they want to make some money to take their kids to Disneyland.

"Well you know what? The Democrats don't believe you should have that option. They don't believe you should have greater choice in your life to make decisions on your own.

"They think you should focus more on defunding the police, defunding the border, dismantling this country and letting a mob rule and tear down any statue they think is appropriate. That's the wrong direction...

"California is the leader when it comes to tech jobs, gig jobs, and others
 - and here Democrats control the state, and what are they doing? They're crushing them. That's why you've seen job, after job, after job leaving California. Not because they don't love this state. The policies that have made this state great have changed under Democrats...and now they want to push that nationally."