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Congressman McCarthy's Statement on President's Health Care Reform Speech

Sep 9, 2009
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Tonight, Congressman Kevin McCarthy issued the following statement after President Obama addressed a special joint session of Congress on the future of health care reform in America:

“Over the month of August, I listened to local residents’ concerns regarding health care legislation being written in Washington.  A vast majority of local residents told me that they oppose the current House bill being pushed through Congress by Speaker Pelosi that includes a government takeover of health care. After listening to their concerns in town halls and tele-town halls, I‘ve returned to Congress energized to fight for our shared values and beliefs, and urge Congress to start over and craft a bipartisan bill to fix our health care system. 

“Unfortunately tonight, the President’s 28th speech on health care was more of the same and failed to take into account many of the concerns voiced this summer in our communities and throughout America. Americans agree we need to reform health care to control rising costs and increase access to health coverage - this was a missed opportunity by the President to reset the debate, start over, and work in a bipartisan manner to put in place common-sense reforms to fix our broken health care system. I believe these reforms should include ensuring that Americans with pre-existing conditions can get insurance, lowering health care costs through lawsuit abuse reform and allowing Americans to buy insurance across states lines. Along with real liability reform that could reduce over testing and defensive medicine, we should also consider solutions that will expand health care access to the uninsured, safeguard our families’ freedom to choose the health care they want, and provide a stronger focus on effective prevention, wellness, and disease management programs. 

“We need to improve health care, but we don’t need another Washington “solution” that creates a new trillion dollar spending program paid for by new taxes and cuts in Medicare to replace and control the health care that Americans currently have.  Congress as a whole should instead heed the call of the American people to fix the problems in our health care system through true bipartisan reform.”


During the month of August, Congressman McCarthy held three tele-town hall meetings to discuss health care reform, calling approximately 90,000 constituents and conducting two live town hall meetings in Bakersfield (August 26) and San Luis Obispo County (September 2) that were attended by almost 5,000 people.  The following questions were asked at each town hall meeting in Bakersfield and San Luis Obispo:

Bakersfield Town Hall: (1,334 responses)
• Do you support the current health care reform bill (H.R. 3200) currently moving through Congress?
-Yes - 5.85%
-No - 90.03%
-Undecided - 4.12%

Bakersfield Town Hall Extended Survey: (1,360 responses)
• Allow individuals and companies to purchase health insurance across state lines-
-Yes- 91%
-No- 3%
-Undecided- 6%
• Reform costly medical liability abuse to cut down on frivolous lawsuits and duplicative and unnecessary tests-
-Yes- 91%
-No- 3%
-Undecided- 6%

San Luis Obispo Town Hall: (1,061 responses)
• Do you support the current health care reform bill (H.R. 3200) currently moving through Congress?
-Yes - 18.2 %
-No - 77.7 %
-Undecided - 4.1%

San Luis Obispo Town Hall Extended Survey results are still being counted.