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Congressman McCarthy Raises Awareness of CA Drought

Mar 31, 2009
Press Release

Washington D.C. - Today, Congressman McCarthy joined several of his California colleagues in a press conference to raise awareness of the California drought, its impact on local jobs and our local economy, and the need for a federal response. McCarthy issued the following statement:

“We all need water, so this is not a partisan Democrat or Republican issue. That is why my California colleagues and I held a press conference to raise awareness that bipartisan action is needed to solve California’s man-made drought. In particular, our communities comprise the bread basket of the world. Kern County alone produces about $4 billion of agriculture a year, but due to court-sanctioned water rationing, farmers will not be receiving the water they need to grow crops.  Even though we are paying for the water, we will have to watch it flow into the ocean.  This is a man-made problem, and in this tough economy where our communities face double digit unemployment, we need to address this pressing problem with common-sense solutions.”

Click here to watch the Press Conference Video Clip.

Congressman McCarthy is a cosponsor of the following legislation that focuses on the California drought:
H.R. 856: California Drought Alleviation Act of 2009.

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