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Congressman McCarthy Joins President Trump, California Leaders To Visit California Fire First Responders

Nov 18, 2018
Press Release

Congressman Kevin McCarthy joined President Trump on his visit to California yesterday to meet with the first responders and community leaders impacted by the Camp and Woosely fires. Following the trip — which included Representatives Ken Calvert and Doug LaMalfa and California Governor Jerry Brown and Governor-elect Gavin Newsom — McCarthy appeared on Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine to describe how President Trump, the Congress, and state of California have come together to help these communities respond and recover from the worst fires in the California’s history. Sadly the full scale of devastation is undetermined and there are hundreds still missing. The message from the President to all Californians during the trip was clear when he said: “Anything we can do, you know we’re here."

A transcript of McCarthy’s interview can be found below. Or you can watch the full video here.

Photo Credit: @PressSec Sarah Sanders

“This Camp Fire up in Paradise (CA), more than 12,000 homes destroyed — the entire city down to the ground. The firefighters fighting the fire — their houses burnt down during the time. You walked in, there was just a few buildings that were still standing. The firefighters told us they broke in. The people who couldn't get out of the city — they put them into these buildings, put the firetrucks around it, and fought the fire as it burned over the top of them to save the lives of the individuals there. This is the biggest loss California has ever had. More than 70 people have died in this fire. More than a thousand still missing.

“We have Governor Brown and Governor-elect Newsom with us. It was the four of us in the car driving, talking, seeing ways that we can work together. And I listened to Governor-elect Newsom and Governor Brown thanking this president for how fast he signed to declare a disaster so the federal funds can be there, working to make sure we can rebuild it.

“You’ve got a divided nation. And here we had a tragic situation, I just watched this president unite people that have difference of opinion. Because the first thing we are, we are all Americans. And the one thing I look for in my leader, especially in a time of need, is to show the statesmanship that I watched this president do today. And not only did he deal with these fires, he went and dealt with the recent shooting, meeting some of the families, meeting the first responders. The way this president reacts and the way the first responders react to this president because of the respect he gives them, I tell you it is a moving situation if you’ve ever been in it to see it.”