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Chief Deputy Whip Appointment

Dec 4, 2008
Press Release

Washington D.C. – Today, Congressman McCarthy was named by Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) to serve as the Chief Deputy Republican Whip – the highest appointed Republican leadership position in the House of Representatives. Congressman McCarthy issued the following statement:

"Being entrusted by my friend Republican Whip Eric Cantor to serve in the House Republican Leadership as Chief Deputy Whip is an enormous honor. I am ready to get to work right away to help create a foundation of new and fresh ideas using our Central California values to solve America's pressing challenges. We know Americans are not interested in rhetoric and division, but common-sense solutions and action. We will revitalize our outreach efforts through cutting edge technology. We will help be part of the solution to turn the page to a new era of Republican leadership. I am proud to begin this mission on the innovative path to a better future."

The Chief Deputy Republican Whip responsibilities include working with Republican Whip Eric Cantor to unify the party, helping create common-sense Republican solutions, coordinating grassroots outreach, working with other House Republican leaders to help lead the honest opposition with alternative solutions if the Democratic House majority and Leadership fails to propose common-sense solutions, educating Members of Congress and answering questions on policy, and serving as one of the Republican Leadership points of contact for the Democrat Leadership and White House to help find common ground.

Republican Whip Eric Cantor stated:

“I am excited about the opportunities to work in partnership with Rep. Kevin McCarthy in the House Republican Whip operation.  I look forward to focusing on rebuilding our party and working towards innovative solutions to help the middle class taxpayers of America. I look forward to working with Kevin and the entire Republican Conference to serve as the check and balance to the power of Speaker Pelosi and President-Elect Obama and to work with the majority to move America forward.”

Louisiana Governor and former Member of Congress Bobby Jindal commented:

"As a former colleague and a close friend, I know Kevin McCarthy to be a smart and hardworking public servant. He will undoubtedly provide Congress with the next generation leadership it needs to pursue bold and innovative solutions to help get our country back on track.”