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The Hill: We Must Empower Entrepreneurs And Small Businesses To Get America Working Again

Sep 8, 2011
In The News
By Kevin McCarthy
September 8, 2011

After weeks of anticipation from the media and publicity from the White House, President Obama's speech to Congress clearly evidenced one thing: the fundamental disconnect between the Obama Administration and the American people. This White House believes that government has the power and ability to create jobs, while the American people simply want the government to get out of the way.

Unfortunately for the millions of unemployed Americans, we've seen big-government policies, such as the $800-billion stimulus, fail time and again. Even the Obama Administration itself has admitted that the stimulus failed to create the jobs they originally promised. According to reports this week, Congressional Democrats have made a conscious effort to "rebrand" their stimulus policies because Americans view "stimulus" as a "dirty word." Regardless of how they attempt to spin it, a stimulus by any other name still translates to reckless federal spending and an increase in the size of government. Rather than short-term stimulus, we need smart long-term solutions.

It is encouraging, however, that the President is committed to engaging on policies that promote job creation. I believe that we have an opportunity to work together to foster an environment that empowers entrepreneurs and small businesses, making it easier for them to grow and create jobs. As a part of our job creation agenda, Republicans have passed 11 bills out of the House of Representatives this year aimed at promoting job growth across the country, yet the Senate Democratic Majority has failed to act on any of these pieces of legislation. I urge President Obama to call upon Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to bring these bills to the Senate floor for consideration, so that we can get our economy back on the right track.

Additionally, House Republicans have laid out a plan to address regulatory burdens that have tied the hands of small business owners and prevented job growth. By halting these onerous federal regulations, we can help promote the certainty that these employers need in order to begin hiring and growing their businesses again.

I think back to the decision I made at 20 to start my own business – a deli, named Kevin O's. If I were faced with the same regulatory burdens that small businesses and entrepreneurs now face, I never would have taken the risk of starting that small business; yet it was delis like mine that created jobs for my community, and the money I made from selling the deli was what enabled me to put myself through college - a luxury that my parents couldn't afford. I believe that is the American dream at its most basic element – having the freedom to pursue opportunities to better ourselves and our families.

I appreciate the President's willingness to come to Congress and present his ideas. For the betterment of our country, it is vital that we put partisan politics aside and find ways that we can work together to turn our economy around. I do believe though that more of the same failed, short-term, big government policies will further damage our economy and certainly won't put a dent in the number of Americans that are unemployed, and I've never seen a tax increase create a private sector job. Washington must do everything it can to get out of the way of job creators that are truly the engine of this economy, and foster an environment where jobs can grow.