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America Came Together

Sep 11, 2008

As America journeys over the next seven weeks determining who will lead our country as President, candidates and parties will continue to debate and highlight differences.  But amidst all these differences, we are reminded, especially today as we remember September 11th, that the strength of our country is that we will always come together – not as Republicans, Democrats, or Independents, but as Americans.

Seven years have passed since we all saw those images of two hijacked American aircraft crashing into the World Trade Center, the tragedy at the Pentagon, and the brave heroism over a Pennsylvania field. We were filled with emotions, but while we grieved, we chose courage over complaining. We chose unity over division. And America was at its best.

Americans who never flew a flag over their homes joined their neighbors in flying a flag. Neighbors gave their time and resources to help those who were in need.  First responders traveled to New York to help their fellow firefighters and police officers bring relief to a damaged city. With a commitment to the protection of others, those first responders have stood vigilant in every city in America, and have made our neighborhoods safer and more secure.  In the aftermath of 9/11, America got to work, came together, and acted immediately. We need to continue to stay focused on that mission.

We are still a nation engaged in a fight with the same bitter enemies. In that battle, our soldiers continue to perform brilliantly with bravery. As we fight this global battle against enemies that have shown a willingness to use whatever destructive means they can attain, we must ensure our brave men and women in uniform have the tools and resources they need. We should all take a moment today to honor their service. We should thank them for their sacrifice and their families’ sacrifice, and not forget their bravery when they return home.

America has been the greatest force of good in this world because time and time again, we have come together as a nation.  Let us mourn American lives tragically lost on September 11, but let us also remember how Americans stood united that day. Even though some may differ about the direction of our nation’s future today, let us carry those lessons of unity forward.  We can remain vigilant to the challenges that confront us, and also remain certain and faithful that we must always put America first. America’s better days are ahead of us.