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Our prosperity is a result of the accomplishments of our innovators and entrepreneurs. We must give our children the opportunities to obtain their dreams and realize their full potential, as well as help ensure they have the education to compete in the future with China, India, and the European Union. America has rightly demonstrated a strong commitment of investing in our children. For instance, California dedicates half of its budget to education. But we should not leave education solely in the hands of politicians. No Child Left Behind should be improved so that we realistically assess the progress of our children and continue to push for advancement. Parents should have the right to make sure their children go to the best schools, and the government can help, in certain instances, that pursuit with more opportunities for high school, middle school, and elementary school children. Additionally, as someone that paid his way through college, I believe that American children who work hard and get results should receive the assistance they need to reach their goal of going to college.