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We must ensure our next generation have the opportunities to obtain their dreams and realize their full potential, as well as help ensure they have the education and skills to compete in the global economy with their peers in China, India, and the European Union.  The pandemic and lockdowns have hurt many in our communities, but especially our young children struggling to learn in remote settings.  Since the pandemic, billions of Federal dollars have been allocated to our local schools across the nation to supplement State and local education dollars to help reopen schools and keep our students and teachers and families safe and healthy.  And we must do more to support our teachers and administrators, who remain committed to helping our students maintain a daily routine and consistency, despite the challenge of everchanging local, state, and Federal social distancing and health guidelines and regulations.  Parents should also be empowered so their children can go to the best schools, and the government can help, in certain instances, that pursuit with more opportunities for high school, middle school, and elementary school children.  Additionally, as someone who paid his way through college, I believe that American children who work hard and get results should receive the assistance they need to reach their goal of going to college.